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The Meanings of Colored Diamonds

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The pure, transparent, colorless diamonds that show off beautiful brilliance and sparkle have wonderful symbolic meanings such as eternal bond, purity, and permanence. That’s one of the main reasons why colorless diamonds are the standard gemstone in wedding rings.

For decades, colorless diamonds have been popular as gifts, but fancy color diamonds have recently attracted attention. For example, pink and black diamonds with extremely rare value, and more and more people turn to them as the center stone for engagement rings.

Memorial diamonds, also known as cremation diamonds, come in various colors. Now, let’s look into the symbolic meanings of these colored diamonds and how they are produced.


LONITÉ™ Memorial Diamonds: Various Colors to Choose from

Among naturally mined diamonds, besides the most popular colorless ones, there are also diamonds in a variety of different colors. Similarly, known as cremation diamonds made from ashes or hair, memorial diamonds made by LONITÉ™ also come in different colors. Let’s take a closer look at what colors are available.

What Is a Fancy-Colored Diamond?

Colored natural diamonds are formed due to various environmental conditions. Typically, those with good coloration are called fancy-colored diamonds.

For colorless diamonds, usually, the higher the clarity, the more valuable the diamond is. However fancy-colored diamonds have lower clarity than colorless ones, but they are no less valuable than colorless diamonds. Moreover, some fancy-colored diamonds are even rarer and more valuable.

The value of fancy-colored diamonds usually depends on the intensity and purity of the color, and fancy-colored diamonds that are large in size and bright in color are extremely rare.

Fancy-colored diamonds, such as diamonds in pink, blue, yellow, and black, are very popular for engagement rings because they bring a unique touch and unusual brilliance.

The Colors of LONITÉ™ Memorial Diamonds

LONITÉ™, which produces diamonds from human ashes, provides cremation diamonds in seven colors.

In fact, due to the existence of trace elements in the human ashes, the cremation diamonds originally had a yellow hue ranging from light yellow to deep orange. Hence, the raw stone is usually in a yellow tone.

No two yellow cremation diamonds are the same. This is because each of them is created respectively from the carbon extracted from the ashes of each person. Therefore, the cremation diamond is a unique representation of the deceased.

When the cremation diamonds are mounted into jewelry, they become memorial diamond jewelry which is one of its kind in the world. Memorial diamond jewelry is loved worldwide because it matches the meaning of diamonds, which stands for eternal bonds.

Other than yellow cremation diamonds, LONITÉ™ also provides pink, blue, and black diamonds, which are considered fashionable these days, as well as greenish-yellow diamonds and, of course, purely colorless ones, which are popular classic colorless diamonds.

In addition, LONITÉ™ also creates red cremation diamonds. Natural red diamonds are very rare gemstones, very scarce, and hard to find on the market. LONITÉ™'s red cremation diamonds are with a beautiful fancy red finish, which rivals that of natural fancy color diamonds.

With more and more people choosing to have a green and meaningful diamond burial, these cremation diamonds are becoming popular. Many people further processed it into memorial diamond jewelry because wearing memorial diamond jewelry allows them always to feel close to the deceased.

How Are LONITÉ™ Colored Memorial Diamonds Made?

Let’s take a look at how cremation diamonds (such as yellow diamonds and black diamonds) are made.

The main raw material of cremation diamonds is carbon, which can also be found in the human body. Carbon is extracted from human ashes and hair and refined to a nearly 100% purity. The carbon is then placed in a machine that reproduces the high-temperature, high-pressure environment in which natural diamonds are formed, and the purified carbon is crystallized into cremation diamonds.

Although cremation diamond is man-made, the process of crystallization is the same as a natural one. So it is impossible to control the exact shape, size, and color of the diamond. The natural result is a yellow diamond that comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

So how are pink cremation diamonds, blue cremation diamonds, black cremation diamonds, and colorless cremation diamonds created?

Natural colored diamonds are formed due to diverse external influences and various substances in the environment. Fancy-colored diamonds with beautiful and vivid colors are also formed under these external effects.

Therefore, the color of the cremation diamond varies depending on the amounts of different components in the ashes. Natural amber color is the original color of a cremation diamond. To make other colors, the same environment in which a natural diamond is formed is mimicked and added to the process during the growth of the cremation diamond.

In addition, to make a yellow cremation diamond colorless and transparent, other elements other than carbon are removed through purification. By doing so, colorless cremation diamonds can be created.

The Meanings of Various Color Memorial Diamonds

Just as colorless diamonds symbolize "purity," "eternal bond," and "eternal constancy," different colored diamonds have different meanings. Let's take a look at the meanings of each colored diamond.

  • Pink Memorial Diamonds

Pink diamonds mean "perfect love" and "finality." You can stay connected with the deceased with true love by choosing it as the center stone of memorial diamond jewelry. In addition, since the symbolism of pink diamonds is "dainty and graceful," it is said that wearing a pink diamond will brush up your outer appearance and inner self, making you more attractive. It is truly the perfect color diamond for wedding and engagement rings.

  • Blue Memorial Diamonds

Blue diamonds, which mean "wish for happiness," are suitable for gift-giving. It is popular as a gemstone because of its rarity and value. The symbolic meaning of blue diamonds is "all mighty." It is said to give the wearer what they need. Wearing it as memorial diamond jewelry will bring happiness to the person.

  • Yellow Memorial Diamonds

Because of its golden brilliance, the yellow diamond is considered a gemstone that brings good luck in fortune. With the symbolism of "eternal love," a yellow diamond as the center stone of memorial diamond jewelry will allow you to share your eternal love with your beloved deceased.

  • Green Memorial Diamonds

The green cremation diamond has the meaning of "grace." It is the color of nature and green earth and is also said to be a healing color to keep the body and mind healthy and to give the wearer peace of mind. With green memorial diamond jewelry, you can always spend a peaceful time with your beloved deceased.

  • Black Memorial Diamonds

Previously used for industrial purposes, black diamonds have become increasingly for men's use in recent years because of their rarity as precious stones.

One of the gemological languages for black diamonds is "desire." As a colored diamond, it means "to raise one’s status.” Therefore, it is said that those who wear black diamonds will be guided to success. When a black diamond is made into memorial diamond jewelry, it will elevate your relationship with the deceased.

  • Red Memorial Diamonds

The symbolic meaning of red diamonds, "eternal life," is said to enhance the power of mind and body and lead to good health. Because of the rarity of red diamonds, they are also called "phantom diamonds." Red cremation diamonds are as beautiful as natural red diamonds, and wearing them as memorial diamond jewelry will keep your beloved shining forever.

Bottom Line

In memory of the unique soul of your deceased loved one, memorial diamonds made from your loved one’s ashes or hair can be customized into seven different colors, each of which has a special and beautiful symbolic meaning, blessing you and your loved one with the best wishes.

Hopefully, the symbolism of different colored memorial diamonds listed above can help you to choose the most suitable diamond color for your one-of-a-kind custom cremation diamond keepsake.

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