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Pets Cremation Diamond: Turning Pet’s Ashes into Memorial Diamond Jewelry

Updated: Sep 14, 2023


We have long considered our pets as family members and enjoy the warmth of our time with them. During the growth stage of our pets, they may leave us at any time due to illness or accident.

Of course, many pets will stay with us until the end of their lives. In the past, there were limited and inconvenient ways to commemorate our pets. Still, with the development of science and technology, pet ashes can be made into diamonds and embedded in jewelry after the pet has been cremated. The owners can stay with them and take them with them to see the scenery along the journey.

Handling of Pet Remains


This is how some owners handle it. They do not know that their pets can be cremated, and it is not convenient to bury them. They can only give them to the garbage and incinerate them. First of all, this is wrong. Not only does it affect the people around you, but it is also a sign of disrespect and irresponsibility towards your pet. Besides, it may be a violation of the law.


Many older people are still stuck in traditional thinking, so many cases of pets being buried directly after death. The decomposition of the pet's body will breed a lot of germs and viruses. If the land used for burying pets is occupied one day, it will worsen if they are dug up.

Cremation of Pets

This is a humane way to dispose of your pet's ashes, as well as a harmless way to dispose of them after death. The cremated ashes are harmless material, whether buried or stored at home and easier to handle.

When it comes to pet cremation, many people's first thought is to cremate the pet's ashes and put them in a jar or box to take home or bury in the ground. We have other ways to do with them afterward.

Life Memorial Diamond - Pet Ashes Diamond

Pet Ashes Diamond can be made from pet hair or ashes
Pet Ashes Diamond can be made from pet hair or ashes

Nowadays, many pet cremation funeral services in the market are becoming more and more like organizing for the family. Funeral companies provide harmless treatment and transport the pet's body in a particular vehicle, hold a farewell ceremony, and prepare an exquisite urn for the pet after cremation. Owners can choose whether to keep their pets' ashes as memorabilia and dispose of them in a more environmentally friendly way.

With the rise and development of the pet funeral industry, there are more and more products for pet owners to mourn their pets. There are many kinds of small products, from plaster paw prints to expensive glass pendants and necklaces. Today, we will introduce one of the more unique types: the Life Memorial Diamond.

What Is a Diamond Made from Ashes?

A memorial diamond is a man-made diamond made from ashes or hair. It is also known as "ashes diamond" and "diamond burial". This type of diamond appeared in Russia or the United States many years ago and has spread to Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China.

Its technical principle is based on the fact that diamonds are composed of "carbon". Bone and hair also contain carbon. The chemical bonds between the extracted carbon atoms are broken by extracting carbon from ashes or hair and simulating an underground ultra-high temperature and high-pressure environment in a unique device. Then the carbon is restructured to form a diamond.

The Difference Between Pet Ashes Diamonds and Natural Diamonds

A cremation diamond is a high-tech man-made diamond. It is a laboratory diamond cultured from carbon in the skeleton (usually as a sample of ashes or hair). Making an ashes diamond requires a complex process and technology that simulates the conditions of creating a natural diamond in the earth and accelerates the process. The manufacturing principle is to produce graphite by extracting and separating carbon from animal ashes compounds. The carbon and diamond seeds are then stored in the same space in the form of crystals, protected by a thick metal wall (passing 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and withstanding 800,000 pounds). A few days later, a diamond will be born.

Pet ashes diamonds are different from man-made diamonds. The main difference between them is that pet ashes diamonds are made by extracting carbon from pet ashes, hair, and feathers to create the diamond. The extracted carbon is then placed in a highly complex, high-temperature, a high-pressure machine containing a purifier, where the carbon (converted to graphite) is eventually synthesized into the beautiful and unique ashes diamond. Here, the question is often asked, "Is a pet diamond from ashes a real diamond?" Yes, pet ashes diamonds are almost comparable to natural diamonds.

Diamonds are eternal. We should not forget all warmth and bonding and should respect all loyalty and companionship. The same is true for both memories and love.

The Best Memory - Pet Cremation Diamonds

The pet ashes diamond necklace is the most popular souvenir among the ashes derivatives. It is a green and eco-friendly way to commemorate your pet and can be preserved forever. Therefore, making a diamond necklace out of pet ashes is a significant way to remember your beloved pet.

As time passes, we may lose our beloved companions and memories, but not the diamonds. They will always be there, just like the bond with your pet, and will never disappear. A pet ashes diamond is a special kind of funeral. It is a way to honor and commemorate the furry and lovable companion that accompanied us. It provides the most dignified farewell with a beautiful, eco-friendly green burial that gives them peace, respect, and love.

Ashes Diamonds are changing the way we grieve. We are now turning ashes into beautiful diamonds so that people can remember their pet’s life in a more positive way. But the value of pet ashes and diamonds is much more than that. The value of a pet ashes diamond is that the diamond came from your pet. Pet ashes diamonds are also made up of the priceless memories of your most loyal pet companions. They can stay with you forever.

Where to Order Pet Ashes Diamonds with Confidence

Pet ashes diamonds are a beautiful way to commemorate a deceased pet, but not all laboratories can produce pet ashes diamonds. LONITÉ™, from Switzerland, is the world leader in memorial diamond technology. The specialists of LONITÉ™ have been known for their skills under the workshop in the Alps. And one after another, people began to order ashes diamonds for their beloved pets.

Cremation of Diamonds from Ashes
Cremation of Diamonds from Ashes

LONITÉ™ has been specializing in this technique for many years. To this day, the experts at LONITÉ™ continue to combine technical research, superb craftsmanship, and attentive, professional service into passionate work. From the beginning, they have been creating unique and timeless pet ashes that are exclusive to their clients, hoping to make them a permanent spiritual asset.

Just as every new customer has the same question, how can they be sure that their pet's ashes are really in the diamond? LONITÉ™ answers this question with professional technology. Today, no technique can prove that carbon has been used in a diamond because all the carbon structures have been reorganized inside the resulting diamond. But LONITÉ™ customers can follow the entire order processing process on the website and pictures from the staff showing the whole process from the arrival of the ashes in the lab to the completion of the diamond.

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